VR (Virtual Reality) technology opens up many artistic possibilities not only for the contemporary creators of images, but also for the creators of music and for the intersection between the two. In the last few years musical experiences in VR (360º videos, live streaming, the exploration of new interactive audio-visual formats…) have emerged with the potential of leading the way to a technological breakthrough in the sector. To clarify both its possibilities and limitations at this session, co-organised with Clúster Audiovisual de Cataluña, there will be three experts Steve Hancock (co-founder of MelodyVR, the world’s largest VR music content library and only platform licensed by the music industry), Adam Rogers (executive producer of the American company Gentle Manhands) and Xavi Conesa (from the Barcelona agency Visyon that specialises in VR, augmented reality and immersive technologies). Félix Balbas, CEO of Minimo VFX, company of 3D and VFX will moderate the session, and for the demonstration of the different cases the audience will have a set of VR goggles, supplied by the company Goodie, specialising in VR contents and services.

The  Virtual Reality Glasses given in the session have been courtesy of Goodie 360, we hope you enjoy them 😉


How to use these Virtual Reality Glasses


Tommy Hilfiger

· New York Fashion Week 2016 promotional 360 video

· Fashion style 360 Videos

· Working with Framestore & FaceBook

· Bespoke 360 Cinematic Rig


  • These Rooms 360º music film directed by Angela and Ithyle shot in L.A. in 2015
  • Choreographed by Megan Lawson who just completed the creation and execution of Madonna’s latest tour
  • Taking advantage of 360º video shooting, you can find action anywhere you look throughout the video
  • 20+ amazing dancers
  • Ambisonic audio

Illa Carolina

·  360 Video of the group Illa Carolina in recording studio

·  One of the first 360 music video by Visyon in the year 2014

Experimental 2013

· Experimental 360 video of Dj Sessions

Primavera Sound HD

· Multiple 360 shootings of Primavera Sound 2014